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We started this independent dog rescue service to offer a lifeline to any dogs in need of North West Wales. It is run on a very small scale as we must be able to offer support for life to any dogs we rehome.


We offer a rehoming service for any dogs in need including poundies and farm collies. We can also offer support and advice to dog owners who may feel they have nowhere else to turn to.


We have years of previous rescue experience and have been instrumental in co-ordinating the rescue and rehoming of abandoned pound dogs, farm collies who won't work and many others in impossible situations. Although we are a new rescue we have this experience and understanding to fall back on.


Our resources are limited due to reliance on scarce foster homes. However, we always do our best to help and explore alternatives if none are available at the time. We have helped dogs to find placements with other rescues around the UK and provide transport if required.


We carry out homechecks on all potential owners and do behaviour assessments of all dogs in order to give any offers of a home for a rescue dog the best possible chance of success.


We are not a registered charity and cover all costs of neutering, vaccination, worming, de-flea and any other medical and transport costs via adoption fees and fundraising. We regularly attend car boot sales to raise money. This helps enormously with the costly business of dog rescue. Please get in touch if you & your dog need help.



Interested in fostering one of our dogs?

Weʼre hoping to raise £200 to help fund Dog Rescue Network. Please take a look at our JustGiving page. All donations will go directly to the care of the dogs themselves, ie food, bedding, toys or medical care.

In memory of Szandor, 2000-2015.

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